Thur Oct 10/29

Read Ahead and bring texts to class:

Fiction:   [Marcus, from The Singing Fish](optional)

Foos, “The Blue Girl”  (required)  (all PDFs in Canvas)

*Type and Bring the 4 qualities fiction writing and the previous fiction writing exercise: describe an idea, feeling, or emotion in detail without using the word for that idea or feeling.

*Bring the In-class writing from Tue to class to discuss


Tue 11/3

Read Ahead and bring texts to class:

Burke, “Jesus Out to Sea”

Lamott on Polariods, Plot, Character

Burroway Writing Fiction (all PDFs in Canvas)

Come prepared to do In-class writing: write about two important points from Lamott and two from Burroway and discuss two examples from any of the fiction stories (Burke, Foos, [Marcus], Buzzati, Shange) in relation to Lamott or Burroway.


Thur 11/5

Group Fiction Workshop Assignment. See assignment sheet. Meet with your group and follow the instructions. You have the whole class period. If everyone in your group agrees you can change to a different location; or stay in the class if everyone prefers. Please complete the Canvas reflection assignment on the Group Workshop Assignment after you meet with your group.


Section III:          Presentations  see assignment sheet for individual student presentations on poetry + fiction + reading/writing

Book Publishing Project see assignment sheet


Tue 11/10
Presentations: See Assignment Sheet; everyone will do their presentations during class on this day.


Thur 11/12

In-class writing, workshopping fiction

Read The Blue Girl and The Fix (in Canvas Files) and come prepared to discuss

Bring your own fiction stories that you have written from the assignments, typed, to class.


Tue 11/17

Fiction discussion con’t TBA


Thur 11/19

Fiction Portfolio Due

begin discussion of Creative Essay and electronic portfolio


Tue 11/24

Handmade Book Project Due




Section III: Creative Essay and electronic portfolios

Terms: perspective, message/insight/reflection, language, form/content, genre, show vs tell,

etc. _______________________

Readings: Cooper (Introduction to In Short essay collection); Dillard, “Lenses”; (etc.? short essays____); from Rose, One Dead in Attic (post-Katrina essays/writing)

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