Section III: Creative Essay and electronic portfolios

Terms: perspective, message/insight/reflection, language, form/content, genre, show vs tell,

etc. _______________________

Readings: Cooper (Introduction to In Short essay collection); Dillard, “Lenses”; (etc.? short essays____); from Rose, One Dead in Attic (post-Katrina essays/writing)


Tue 12/1

Meet in Library room G07C: Blog Reflection Writing, pages, additional media

Come prepared to discuss Essay Packet Fall 2015 (in Canvas Files) and Writing Creative Nonfiction pages 160-175 (in Canvas Files); use these to help you develop and revise your own creative essay (see assignment: what is a word worth?)


Thur 12/3

Blog Reflection 3 due. Write about Creative Essays. What characteristics does an essay have? How is it similar to or different from poems and stories? How do you see poetry and fiction relating to (or playing into) creative essays. Think about the progression over the semester from poetry to fiction to essay in terms of your own reading and writing, and discuss how you see the connections and how these come together in your own experience of creative essays? Use examples from your own writing or texts we have read.

Post this to your blog and then upload the link in Canvas Assignments (Blog Reflection 3).


Tue 12/8

Meet in Library room G07B to continue working on final portfolios


Thur 12/10

*Final E-Portfolio due on Canvas by 11pm

Bring a hard copy of your final creative essay to class, complete and revised. Follow the guidelines below to review and revise before class to bring your best version:

What is a Word Worth: original freewrite on your word, group written freewrites on your word that they gave you, research your word, follow the assignment sheet

–turn this into an essay, 4-5 pages, cohesive narrative or in sections that are revised and refined. –Bring a typed and printed final copy to class on Thur 12/10

Consider the following once you have a draft, and then revise to make the essay stronger and more dynamic:

Does the essay offer insights that go beyond the obvious and offer original observations? How so? Did you learn something new from reading the essay? What? Why not?

Does this essay go beyond the singular and personal? Is it thoughtful and does it go beyond the summary of a particular experience or event? Can you offer suggestions for more layering, for helping the essay to include more kinds of details and information to make it deeper and more thoughtful?

Discuss how the essay incorporates detail, description, and vivid language to show the ideas and feelings presented. Give suggestions for making the language and presentation stronger.

What memorable impression does the conclusion, or ending, of the essay leave?

*Final E-Portfolio due on Canvas by 11pm

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