Course Work, Assignments, Grades


*2 Creative Portfolios (poetry, fiction, essay) including drafts, in-class writing assignments, reflection papers                                                                                                                         100 points (50 points each)

*Canvas Mini Assignments (due by 8am on class days when assigned)   50 points

*Hand-made Book Publishing Assignment                                                                   25 points

*Presentation                                                                                                                                   25 points

*Final electronic portfolio                                                                                                        50 points

*Misc: Attendance, Participation, In-Class Work                                                     25 points

275 Total Points

*Assignment sheets for Portfolios, Publishing Assignment, Presentation, E-Portfolio, and creative writing assignments (poems, stories, essays) can be found in Canvas Files. Make sure to save all hard copy and electronic documents/versions of your work over the whole semester; the Final E-Portfolio will include work that you will have accumulated from the beginning.

* No Late work will be accepted: work is due when it says it is due on the syllabus, or according to other specific instructions. All work turned in (unless written by hand in class) should be typed. The syllabus, readings, assignment, and due dates are subject to change; if you miss assignments (due to absence or otherwise) that is your responsibility.

To figure your grade, divide the points you receive by the total possible points. For example, 40/50 points = .8 or 80%

grade scale