Presentations assignment sheet fall 2015

Everyone will be responsible for giving a 5-10 minute presentation on some aspect of writing. Here is the basic assignment/list of requirements. You can add and embellish as you see fit:

Do some research on the work of one of the writers whose work we have read this semester. Find out more about their writing style, when they were/are writing, what their philosophy of writing is (this may or not be explicitly available but see what you can find out).

Present: present to us some of this information and discuss specific examples of their work in addition to what we already read for class. Finally, discuss this writer/work in relation to your own writing and thinking about writing, and then read us a piece of your own creative work that you compose in response to (or somehow in relation to) the work of this writer (any genre or hybrid version of genres).

You can include audio or video or something from the internet if appropriate in your presentation.

Be specific, thorough, include examples, speak and present yourself clearly.

Date: We will do these presentations in class Tue Nov 10; if you are absent you may not be able to make up the presentation or get the grade.