Poetry Portfolio

Poetry Portfolio Assignment

Your poetry portfolio should include:

•    5-6 finished, revised, typed poems (10 pts)
•    a copy of one earlier draft of each poem (handwritten or typed) (10 pts)
•    4 pieces of in-class writing or notes, dated and titled specifically to match the in-class assignment and/or discussion (you have to have been in class to complete these) (5 pts each)
•    a 2-page reflection that addresses the following (10 pts):
o    discuss your writing process as it has evolved or changed in the writing of poems
o    discuss 2-3 specific reading assignments (including poems, other reading) and how those have             impacted your thinking about poetry and the written poems you have produced here
o    Explain how something you did not necessarily like or enjoy impacted your thinking about writing, and poetry in particular (eg. maybe you hated one of the poems we read; regardless of like or dislike, discuss how and why you reacted to this and what you have learned from that; be constructive, if it makes you react, then you are thinking about it, and if you are thinking about it, then you are learning something… reflect and discuss)

*Poems should be a minimum of 5 lines long. Each poem should be on its own page, unless it’s longer and runs over (then start the next poem on a new page). You should use at least 4-5 poems created from any exercises and writing activities that we have done in class, assigned as homework, as well as any additional poems that you would like to include. Also, note that you can re-do any exercises in order to create more poems for your portfolio.

*Additional requirements as explained above.

*Organize all of the work together in the order as listed above. Label each section or kind of work specifically so that I can locate the various parts of your portfolio. You can staple or clip the portfolio with a simple cover page, or use a small, basic folder (I’ll have to carry these around so simple is better).