Hand-made Book Publishing Assignment

Hand-made Book Publishing Assignment: Creative Writing in Public Places

Your goal in this assignment is to design, “publish,” and distribute a book of your own creative writing, make multiple copies (5-15), and leave these in specific public locations for people to find, read, keep, whatever. Think about places to “place” the book: grocery stores, coffee shops, gas stations, around campus, at the Vet, etc, etc, etc.

You can design and print the book any way that you like but should remember to include a few things:

Cover and title page(s)

Table of Contents

Names of the authors/texts (if you use your own or include other writers/works)

Page numbers (optional depending on your design scheme)

You should include at least 2 or more pieces of poetry, fiction, or essays, of your own or others’ work (whose permission you have to use) (min of 5 pages). Please see the small books that I will pass around in class as examples; you can use these as guides in any way you like; that is, be creative and think about how to make writing fun and accessible in the world. What work you include in the book is entirely up to you.

In particular, think about your “goals” for this project: How are you going to combine form and content to make the text an artistic as well as literary “statement” geared for public consumption? What is the point of inserting art/literature into public space? What kinds of work do you want to include? What do you want to get across with your writing, and with the book as a whole? Do you want the book to be political, artistic, or some combination of these? How are you going to design it to catch the attention of people in the public space(s) where you leave the book? What do you want your audience to “get” when they pick up and read it?

Turn in to me: One copy of the project/book/text and a one-page description/explanation/reflection discussing how you constructed it, where you placed the additional copies, what your goals were (see questions above), and anything else you want to say about the project.

**Due Date: Tue 11/24 ( you should complete all pieces of this assignment by this time, which includes making copies and distributing the book in various places)