Fiction Portfolio

Fiction Portfolio Assignment

Your fiction portfolio should include:

•    6-7 pages of revised, typed fiction stories (10 pts)
•    a copy of one earlier draft of each story (handwritten or typed) (10 pts)
•    4 pieces of in-class writing or notes from 4 different dates, dated and titled specifically to match the in-class assignment and/or discussion; you should have no more than 1 per date   (you have to have been in class to complete these) (5 pts each)
•    a 2-page reflection that addresses the following (10 pts):
o    discuss your writing process as it has evolved or changed in the writing of fiction
o    discuss 2-3 specific reading assignments (including stories, other reading) and how those have  impacted your thinking about fiction in general and your writing in particular; be specific and include examples
o    Explain how something you did not necessarily like or enjoy impacted your thinking about writing, and fiction in particular (eg. maybe you hated one of the poems we read; regardless of like or dislike, discuss how and why you reacted to this and what you have learned from that; be constructive, if it makes you react, then you are thinking about it, and if you are thinking about it, then you are learning something… reflect and discuss); explain how something you did enjoy has helped you think about writing

*Each story should start on its own page. You can have 5 one-page stories or 2 three-page stories or a combination… some of the stories should be created from any exercises and writing activities that we have done in class, assigned as homework. Also, note that you can re-do any exercises in order to create more/different stories for your portfolio.

*Additional requirements as explained above.

*Organize all of the work together in the order as listed above. Label each section or kind of work specifically so that I can locate the various parts of your portfolio. You can staple or clip the portfolio with a simple cover page, or use a small, basic folder (I’ll have to carry these around so simple is better).

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