some student Canvas writing on Narrative (from Biting the Error) and Short Fiction

” Realism is simply a control method.”

“Narration,or the narrative that tried to encounter the real, as that which is negotiating between two orders of time; Clock time and chaos”

“a Prose writer is someone who crosses the genres”

Quote 1: “For the purpose of this essay I would like to focus on the development of a philosophy of experiences in the realm of event.” -Renée Gladman, The Person In The World. I feel like this relates to Blood Dazzler because much like this quote says, Blood Dazzler is based off of a series of events and the experiences that come with it. She writes about the story of Katria. The poems show a development of the storm, and its effects,  throughout the book. It doesn’t just focus on the events itself.

Quote 2: “What about poetic language? Here we can live a while in the heart of the unknown”. Pamela Lu. The Life of the Unkown, Is highly relatable to Blood Dazzler. Patricia Smith is a very strong writer because of her use of poetic language. Her imagery, personification, metaphors, and so on make her poems unique and powerful. She describes situations in a way that makes you not only feel emotion, but visualize the event themselves. Her poems may be short, but the stories she tells are endless.
The story The Killers from Biting the Error is similar to Mystery Stories from the short stories packet.  Both pieces were very blunt and to the point, told in first person, with little to no emotional observations from the narrator.  For example, in The Killers, the narrator seems very unaffected by what the detective has found about his father.  “The private eye pursues my matter.   A couple of days later he comes up with my father’s name: Olen.  This name means nothing to me.  ‘Olen.  Your father’s name is Olen.  Furthermore, your father killed your mother.’  I think, in order to dismiss the thought, that’s possible.”  The narrator does not seem distraught or to have any sort of emotional response to the news, which is what reminded me of Mystery Stories because the narrator has the same brief, uninvolved attitude.
I really enjoyed some of these poems in the short shorts packet, one of them in particular would be “The letter from home poem” this poem has a lot of similarities to the poem “Lens” in the poetry packet. I noticed the wording rhythm is similar, with things like the line breaks, the strong descriptive words, and how its so mysterious. one of my favorite lines in this poem would be ” I stood up, I sat down, I stood up again; the clock slowed down, the post came late, the afternoon came cool, the cat licked its coat, tore the chair to shreds, slept in a drawer that didn’t close;” This particular line really shoes suspense building in this poem which I feel like is a very strong piece. After reading the “Biting your error” I couldn’t relate much to the poetry packet or the short shorts packet. Those packets were more of poems as to where the “Biting your error” packet was more of an informal type of  reading. I did enjoy the “Biting your error” packet, It had some really good readings in it with a lot of quotes I wrote down for myself. One of them being “The sudden appearance of a forgotten dream image, bubbling to the sacrifice of awareness.” I feel like this text is very powerful and has imagery. Another quote I saved would be ” A story has something to do with realism”, I personally really enjoy this quote because I have a lot of story that I have built of of my memory witch comes from realism.

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