Great Lines and images from Blood Dazzler

P20 to the first plops of rain at the sound of purple shitted bricks losing bone the seam splitting and finally spilling

Cameras obsessed with your chaos now think how America sees you

Brick splintering spine

Cause the man say its strong now mad like god pointing the way out of here

P2 I console myself with small furies

P4 my eye takes in so much what it craves what I never hope to see

The levies crackled and baptism rushed through the ward

Katrina: I have crammed my mouth with buildings brushed aside skimpy altars snapped shut windows to bright shattered with my fingers

I see what this language does and taste soil on my tongue and feel brick splintering spine and hear them and want it all

P22 look like this country done left us for dead that’s our soundtrack and here comes the chorus

P8 I dream loud in this house

We gon be home as soon as it pass over

She took flight all pissed raucous a world hipped woman makin room

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